What our clients say about the quality of our accounting and tax services

  • MCT Engineering Ltd

    MCT Engineering Ltd has worked with Richard Feakins with regard to Tax planning for a number of years. I have absolute pleasure in providing the highest recommendations for his services and support, as it is a fundamental part of our business annual planning. MCT has benefitted greatly from the guidance that Richard has given and importantly, for all small businesses, it has resulted in real cash saving. The savings that MCT has benefitted are directly linked to our ability to both invest in projects and staff that we may not have been able to prior to the advice.

    In short, the advice and guidance that MCT receive is an invaluable and fundamental tool, contributing directly to the success of our business.

    David Joseph M.D

  • Shakeaway Worldwide Ltd

    I have been a client of Ad Valorem for more than 10 years, both as a private client and as a commercial client.

    Over this period Ad Valorem has supplied a full range of quality services with great attention at competitive prices that make them an unbeatable company.

    Ad Valorem is without doubt a first class, highly commercial company that works hard on your behalf to extract the right result. Importantly from my point of view, they are also very nice people.

    Peter Dickson CEO

  • Sansu (UK) Ltd

    Ad Valorem have been our accountants for more than 9 years and they have been instrumental in helping us develop the business. Working together, having quarterly GoalGetter meetings has helped us clarify both our personal and business goals.

    Ad Valorem have provided invaluable support and advice in respect of business growth and development which has enabled us to identify key trends, evaluate business emphasis into various sectors and more importantly look at our roles within the business.

    This means that now we are not just a part of the business but now we can drive our business forward with more confidence in these difficult times.

    Richard Read & Doug Hawker

  • Dusk Till Dawn

    “In November 2009 my partner and I were given an opportunity to take over an existing business in Olney, trading under a new name and new premises.

    We are both experienced retailers, my partner coming from a senior position in High Street Retail and myself with a background in Food Retail. After approaching our bank we were told that being a vulnerable time for “retail” we would need to submit a full Business Case, including P&L and cash flow forecasts for the next 3 years.

    Neither myself nor my partner felt we had the necessary experience to produce this on our own and therefore approached Ad Valorem for their professional help. Needless to say our Business case was accepted and we managed to open before the end of Feb, in time for our all-important Spring season.

    Without the help and advice we received from Ad Valorem I believe that even with over 45 years retail experience between us, we would have struggled to produce the required Business Case.

    Since opening we have had great support from the firm, they always answer any queries we have and also support us with regular contact from Kirsty Parris, their Client Services Manager. I can’t thank Ad Valorem enough for their support which has allowed us to open the business of our dreams.”

    Prity Hair & John Buckton

  • Girls in Gloves

    “Prior to the GoalGetter sessions I had lots of ideas but absolutely no idea how to make them happen. The GoalGetter program made me realise that I had a great idea but I had to create a path so I would not get overwhelmed.

    It is nice to have Ad Valorem on board as an advisory aid to prevent me from getting lost and losing my way. The day is long and intense but well worth it.

    I highly recommend this course if you really want to succeed.”

    N Gibson

  • C T Wilson & Son Limited

    “We have worked with the Ad Valorem team for more than 7 years and they have been instrumental in helping us develop the business.

    We feel confident talking to any member of staff with the full knowledge that they are able to provide us with clear and concise answers specific to our requirements. The whole team are reliable, accurate and a pleasure to speak to, providing an excellent and highly personal service.”

    Mr K Wilson